Professional Employment Organization (PEO)

When it comes to expansion, every country has unique advantages and challenges. Despite current conditions brought about by the new normal, business expansion has continued to occur. Africa continues to be one of the
world’s fastest-growing business hubs, setting up your own entity in each country where you wish to operate can be expensive, complicated, and requires deep knowledge of the specific rules and regulations.

Unlock Africa’s potential without breaking a sweat with our Africa PEO Services. Global expansion is a great step for your business, and now it’s easier than ever. Let Linkark take care of everything.

Our PEO (Professional Employment Organization) Services help international companies expand into Africa without setting up legal entities or dealing with related talent acquisition, HR, benefits, payroll, tax, and compliance issues.

Access high caliber talent fast, test new markets, and respond to rapidly growing business needs quickly while leaving the compliance and operational burden to us.

Services Scope

Linkark Africa delivers comprehensive top-tier PEO services for clients, managing the entire workforce life cycle from the point of hire to retirement. With our support, you can focus on your core business while we manage the administrative, operational, and compliance work spanning employment contracts, payroll, benefits, immigration, work permits, and more.

Talent Acquisition

Unlike other firms using third parties to source, hire, and onboard, Linkark uses its own expertise ensuring you get the best. With our in-house experts, we expedite the hiring process and connect your business with the high-caliber talent Africa has to offer across all industry verticals.

Benefits & Payroll

Coordinating payroll is challenging enough on its own, and it becomes a logistical nightmare once multiple languages, rules, and regulations are involved. We streamline the experience and procure competitive benefits and ensure payroll is timely and accurate, guaranteeing you compliance and satisfaction for your workforce.


Complete legal and financial guidance that ensures compliance with all in-country governance rules. Our dedicated team tracks employment law, taxation, accounting updates in-country to ensure we are always compliant. We take pride in achieving higher compliance rates in the industry.

Human Resources

We support your employees from the point of hire to retirement covering staffing, employment contracts, offer letters, employee handbooks, employment law advisory, compensation and benefits, terminations (when required), and more.

Immigration & Global Mobility

Companies seeking to relocate employees abroad need advice on permits. Our team prides itself with deep expertise in visas, work permits, global mobility, and expatriate tax. Our service includes obtaining work permits (for expatriates, business trips, and short-term assignments), residence permits, and spouse and family permits. We ensure the strictest compliance with visa and immigration needs, handle all the documentation needs, and also assist with relocation as required.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Save time, reduce costs, and improve the experience for your employees with our PEO Services.

Cost-Effective, Time Conscious

Our PEO Services save your business time and money by having savvy local experts execute the entire process.

Risks Free

We mitigate risks by taking responsibility and accountability for the hiring and administrative processes.


Guaranteed full compliance with local laws and regulations, saving your company from potential fines and legal fees.
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