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As Africa’s premier workforce solutions provider, we work hand-in-hand with companies and talented professionals across a variety of industries and functional specialties. Since inception, our experts have served clients and candidates with an unrelenting commitment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We are a team of passionate expert recruiters and account managers with over 30 years of combined recruitment expertise, making us industry leaders. Our recruitment process outsourcing strategy helps companies transform recruiting from the traditional reactive, as-needed function to a strategic, proactive hiring process. Linkark Group’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution allows clients to outsource their entire direct or part of hiring, safe in the knowledge that it is being managed by a company with the breadth of experience to manage high volume demand and the capabilities to source exactly the right talent to meet client’s needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing by Linkark Group

HR Consulting & Advisory

Our team of HR professionals and strategic partners provide the comprehensive HR services of a full HR department and on specific assignments, supplement your existing HR staff. We support our clients in their transformation, supporting them from the strategy to the implementation, committing ourselves to ensure a positive impact for all stakeholders. Our HR consultations comprise everything from conducting comprehensive HR Audits, advising on successful talent acquisition & employee management strategies, and delivery of company materials like HR Policy Manuals, Employee Handbooks, and Employment SLAs, to Policies and Procedures formulations, reviews, and implementations in a professional manner.

Managed Service Program

Linkark Group’s Managed Service Program (MSP) manages every component of your contingency contracting and employment process. Linkark Group’s well-managed contractor workforce enables businesses to thrive. Through the MSP, we build responsive contingent workforces by managing the entire talent cycle, implementing agile models which scale to your business ambitions. With us as your Managed Service Program Provider (MSPP), you’ll have a specialist on hand to find the right people for every type of role, from specialist technical staff to office support. We support complex contract staffing challenges, whether it’s across multiple phases of a single project, several projects, or on an ongoing basis.

Managed Service Program

Employees Pay & Benefits Consultancy

Whether you’re starting a new business and in need of salary benchmarking before you recruit your first employee, or you are a larger organization requiring a comprehensive review of your overall reward package, Linkark Group’s specialist HR consultants are ready to help. With employees increasingly looking beyond remuneration and focusing more on their total reward package, offering the right mix of benefits can help attract and retain the best people and keep your workforce engaged and motivated. A clear corporate policy around benefits and communication supports organizational goals including staff attraction, retention, productivity, wellbeing, and improves corporate profitability.

Linkark Retained HR Support (RHRS)

Linkark Group’s Retained HR Support strategy allows clients to plug right into a framework of global HR expertise from one of our specialist HR Consultants, backed by the company’s resources and technology at their disposal. We call it the client comprehensive advantage. We station one of our specialist HR Consultants on-site to support the client with their HR needs as and when they need us. We deliver a truly customized and bespoke RHRS for the clients who’ve plugged in from a range of industries and sectors.

Linkark Retained HR Support
Payroll Outsourcing at Linkark Consulting

Payroll Outsourcing

Linkark Group designs and manages large and often complex payroll arrangements for local and international needs. We offer our clients a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing fully compliant, accurate, and timely payroll management solutions covering a single contractor working across Africa, through to a diverse workforce of several hundred employees of local and foreign origin. Our outsourced payroll administration approach is founded upon compliance, efficiency, and accuracy across all facets of the intricate payroll and tax landscape. Our outsourced payroll administration approach is founded upon compliance, efficiency, and accuracy across all facets of the intricate payroll and tax landscape.

Permanent Recruitment

Whether you are looking for contingency hire or detailed talent sourcing of a highly-specialized workforce, you need to partner with a staffing and recruiting specialist who has the experience and expertise in targeting and attracting the very best candidates. At Linkark Group we work with our clients to optimize their contingent workforce strategies and find the best technical talent in the marketplace.

Permanent Recruitment
Interim and Contract at Linkark Group

Interim & Contract

We closely manage a huge network of career contractors, focusing on our specialist sectors. We know who is available, where they can work and what they do well. We rapidly place experts for specialist roles across Africa, be they interim managers, temporary consultants, contractors for projects, or full-time specialists. Our solutions cover all multi-functional business staffing needs through the full life-cycle of industry projects and operations, starting with plan and build through operate, maintain, and decommission. We supply all core disciplines associated with project needs and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Executive Search

We recognize that across industries and functional specialties, it takes experience, specialist knowledge, integrity, credibility, innovation, and – above all – a profound understanding of the client’s organization, culture, value proposition, competitive landscape, and objectives, in order to succeed in hiring the highest caliber people in Board and Senior Executive positions which normally need a more focused, proactive and targeted approach, more so when the role is global, time/business-critical or a technical position. Armed with a comprehensive client briefing and thorough research of the role, sector, market, and geography, we develop a tailored and ultimately successful executive search strategy.

Global Mobility

For companies hiring overseas employees locally, Linkark Group will support you to implement tax-efficient remuneration and incentive packages. Whether you are sending one person to the country for the first time or you already have an established expatriate program in place, we can provide a range of services tailored to your needs, focusing on your specific operating model, your human resource demands, regulatory environment, industry dynamics, and become your extended HR function in managing the expatriates. With our exceptional technical skills, business acumen, commitment to strong client relationships, and understanding of our clients’ needs and business, we navigate and keep up with the evolving immigration laws and policies in an ever-changing world to achieve your objectives.

Professional Employment Organization (PEO)

When it comes to expansion, every country has unique advantages and challenges. Despite current conditions brought about by the new normal, business expansion has continued to occur. Africa continues to be one of the world’s fastest-growing business hubs, setting up your own entity in each country where you wish to operate can be expensive, complicated, and requires deep knowledge of the specific rules and regulations. Unlock Africa’s potential without breaking a sweat with our Africa PEO Services. Global expansion is a great step for your business, and now it’s easier than ever. Let Linkark take care of everything.